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Tax preparation checklist.

Use this list of tax return preparation and tax deduction tasks to plan and prepare your tax return. This checklist will help you collect all the important tax records and documents you need to prepare and file your federal and state tax return electronically more quickly and accurately. Please note that you are responsible for supporting and supporting your tax return with the relevant tax records or documents. In addition, in case of a future federal or state tax audit, it will be better prepared.

General taxable income.

  • Form (s) W-2 for salaries, salaries and tips

  • Interest income statements: Form 1099-INT and 1099-OID

  • Dividend income statements: form 1099-DIV

  • Sale of shares, land, etc.: Form 1099-B

  • Real estate sales: form 1099-S

  • State tax refunds: form 1099-G

  • Alimony received or paid

  • Unemployment compensation received

  • Miscellaneous income: form 1099-MISC

Retirement income.

  • Retirement income: form 1099-R

  • Social Security Income and Railway Retirement Income: Form SSA-1099

Business income.

  • Commercial income and expenses

  • Rental income and expenses

  • Agricultural income and expenses

  • Form K-1 Income of companies, trusts and corporations S

  • Tax-deductible miles traveled for commercial purposes

Checklist of tax credits.

  • Address of the child care provider, identification number and amounts paid

  • Information about adoption expenses

  • Foreign taxes paid

  • Tax credit for first-time home buyers

Checklist of expenses and tax deduction.

  • Medical expenses for the family

  • Paid health insurance

  • Prescription drugs and medications

  • Payments from doctors and dentists

  • Payments from hospitals and nurses

  • Tax deductible miles traveled for medical purposes

  • Mortgage interest on form 1098

  • Interest paid from the second mortgage of the house

  • Real estate taxes paid

  • State taxes paid with last year's return (if detailed)

  • Personal property taxes paid

  • Charitable contributions in cash

  • Fair market value of non-monetary contributions to charities

  • Unrefunded expenses related to volunteer work

  • Miles traveled for voluntary purposes

  • Losses due to fortuitous events and theft

  • Amount paid to the professional trainer last year

  • Unrefunded expenses related to your work

  • Miles traveled related to your work

  • Union and professional fees

  • Investment expenses

  • Job search expenses

  • IRA contributions

  • Interest paid on student loans

  • Moving expenses

  • Last year's tax preparation fee.

  • If you are enrolled in health insurance through the market, bring your form 1098-A

Checklist of estimated tax payments.

  • Estimated tax payments made with ES vouchers

  • Overpayment of last year's tax return applied to this year

  • Taxes paid on off-road fuel

General information.

  • Copy of last year's tax return

  • Social security numbers for you and your spouse

  • Educational expenses for you and your spouse

  • Names, years of birth and social security numbers of dependents

  • Post-secondary school educational expenses for dependents

  • Child care expenses for each dependent

  • Adjusted gross income (AGI) of the previous year and personal identification number (PIN): how to find the adjusted gross income of the previous year.

  • Route transmission number (RTN) (for direct deposit / debit purposes)

  • Bank account number (BAN) (for debit / direct deposit purposes)

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